4 Advantages Of Buying Used Car Parts In Person

by Ernest Perez

All across Australia, auto wreckers and dismantlers operate businesses where they take apart used vehicles and resell the parts to car owners who need them. Second-hand car parts are cheaper, readily available and better for the environment. If you're looking to buy used parts from these auto wreckers, you can either visit their yards in person or purchase online. Below, see why the former option makes more sense.

Verify part compatibility

The compatibility of the car part you are planning to buy is very important. After all, if that car part doesn't fit the intended use, it will not be of any use to you and you may have wasted your time and money. By going to buy second-hand parts in person, you get a chance to verify that the parts you want to buy are the right ones for your vehicle's make and model. This is as opposed to buying online where you have to wait until your parts are delivered before finding out for sure.

Verify quality and integrity of the parts

Another crucial advantage of buying car parts online is that you get to verify that the parts are of good quality and working order (integrity). Although most parts resellers online are honest and will give you a description of the part, nothing beats you inspecting the part in person. You can do exactly that if you go to buy the parts in person, and this will ensure that you buy parts that you are personally happy about.

Negotiate prices after assessment

When you buy second-hand car parts from auto wreckers in person, you have a slight opportunity to negotiate, especially if the part in question has a few shortcomings. When buying online, you pay according to the part's description in regards to its condition. In person, you are able to assess the condition in person and then haggle accordingly. Of course, not all parts resellers will negotiate but some do and this will allow you to shave some extra bucks off your cost.

Check out other parts you could use

The other advantage of buying parts from auto wreckers in person as opposed to buying online is that you get a chance to look around and check if there are other parts that you could use. Parts from auto wreckers are cheap, so in all likelihood, you will find tonnes of parts that you might as well buy while there. This does not happen when buying online because you'll only order what you need and pay for it without getting a chance to explore other purchases.