Safety First: 2 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tubeless Tyres For Your Car

by Ernest Perez

Regardless of the type of car you drive, it's likely that you've had a flat tyre at some point. A simple hole in a typical radial tyre is usually a hazard because the air releases, and the tyre becomes flat quite quickly. This forces you to pull over and go through the strenuous process of replacing the tyre, which isn't ideal in many circumstances, particularly on a highway.

The major benefit of a tubeless tyre is the fact that it only deflates slowly if it gets punctured. Rather than releasing a heavy amount of air pressure, like most other tyres, a tubeless tyre will only release small amounts of air pressure. This effectively gives you a good amount of time to fix the hole, particularly if you're driving on a highway. Here are two reasons why you should make the change to tubeless tyres:

1. Safety

As mentioned, a tubeless tyre provides you with security and safety when dealing with a puncture in the tyre. A tubeless tyre, as the name suggests, has no tube. The tyre utilizes an inner lined rubber material, which has low air permeability. This material is placed inside the tyre and helps to prevent air leakage from within the tyre and rim. When a tubeless tyre gets punctured, the air loss is very subdued, and it takes a lot longer for the tyre to become flat. This is a major benefit if you drive your car over long distances to work or for road trips; you don't have to fear a road accident as a result of a punctured tyre.  

2. Less Maintenance

Because a tubeless tyre is less likely to become flat, there is less maintenance. Because of this, you typically don't have to worry about using sealants and replacing the tyre itself. Older style tubed tyres will require extra replacements over their life-span because they are more prone to punctures in the tube. In the long-run, having tubeless tyres will not only keep you safe on the road, but also save you unnecessary spending on sealants, tubes, and new tyres.  

Safety is something that is paramount when it comes to the roads. Accidents occur all the time, so you want to stay safe in any way you can. Tubeless tyres will help prevent accidents on the road, and they will save you a penny or two in the long-run. Stay safe on the roads and switch to tubeless tyres