Three Considerations for Selecting a Personal Station Wagon

by Ernest Perez

If you are thinking about purchasing a new personal vehicle, you should consider choosing a station wagon. This type of vehicle is an ideal choice because of the larger space provided, particularly compared to other cars. This means that you can carry more cargo and passengers comfortably. In addition, there are numerous station wagon models and brands in the market that suit diverse aesthetic and functional needs. Therefore, you are bound to find an automotive that is perfect for your driving habits. If you are uncertain about the right type of station wagon, consider these simple factors during the selection process.

Body Configuration 

In the past, the station wagon was designed as a specialised vehicle with removable seats. It was primarily intended for transporting people and their luggage from and to train stations. Over the years, the configuration has evolved to match modern requirements. When buying a station wagon, you can choose between sedan and hatchback designs. The sedan design is simple; it consists of a rear cargo compartment and two rows of seats for comfortable adult usage. The hatchback is similar but generally, the backseats can be folded down for more space. Moreover, there is a rear door hinged along the roofline for easy cargo access. The exact body design can vary, so compare different configurations before purchase.

Off-Road Capabilities

You should check the features on different individual station wagon vehicles for off-road capabilities. This is an important aspect because it will affect your long-term handling when driving on rural and undeveloped areas. Basically, most of the station wagons in the modern auto industry are all-terrain models. Therefore, a good vehicle should have good ground clearance to facilitate movement on bumpy and rocky areas. In addition, the tyres fitted in the vehicle should offer maximum traction in case you encounter slick or muddy terrain. You should also look out for additional features which can enhance your off-road driving experience. For instance, the Subaru Outback has hill descent control and inclined start assistant systems for slope terrain.

Used vs. New

Finally, you will need to select between a new and used station wagon to match your personal applications. The primary advantage of used vehicles is the low price of purchase. However, this type of vehicle is also built for driving in harsh conditions, so the performance should be good if you find a good dealer. On the other hand, the auto industry is advancing, and a new vehicle will present modern features like interior climate-control, fuel efficiency and upgraded entertainment systems.