Paint Vs Vinyl Adhesive: Which Is Better After An Auto Crash?

by Ernest Perez

The motor body builders may ask you to choose whether your car should be painted or wrapped using a vinyl adhesive after it has undergone collision repairs. This article discusses those two options so that you can make an informed decision about which is better for you.

Painting the Car

This process involves matching the car paint so that the new paint does not differ from the original paint. Today, body repair shops have technology to match the new car paint to the level of accounting for the fading that has taken place over the years. This results in colour uniformity that restores the car to its appearance before the crash occurred. Paint is reliable and long lasting. However, car painting has some disadvantages. First, it is time-consuming and may not be suitable if you would like to use your vehicle as soon as possible. It is also expensive to repair any damage to the paint (such as a scratch) because the entire car may have to be repainted in order to maintain uniformity. The quality of the paint job also depends heavily on the skill of the person performing it.

Car Wrapping

Here, a vinyl adhesive is used to wrap the entire car so that the vehicle has a new surface appearance. This approach takes less time to complete when compared to painting the car. It is also cheaper to repair any damage to the vinyl coat. This is because all that is needed is to peel off the damaged area before replacing it with another piece of vinyl adhesive. The vinyl adhesive may also last for much longer than a coat of paint. This is because the vinyl coat is made from plastics or resins that are more resistant to aging agents (such as rust and acid attacks from bird droppings). Vinyl wrapping may also cost the same (or even less than painting the car with high-quality urethane paint) as painting the car. However, the size of your car determines how many sheets of vinyl adhesives you will need. The larger the vehicle (such as an SUV compared to a sedan), the more the vinyl adhesive that you will need.

Discuss your preferred method with the motor body builders. Base your final decision on the practical advice that they give you so that your car looks as good as it did before it sustained the crash damage that compelled you to take it to the body builders.