Get the Best Caravan Sale Deals with This Guide

by Ernest Perez

It is many Australians' dream to drive around towing an exciting authentic caravan exploring the great vastness of the country. There are many caravan sale shows in Australia; therefore, where to get one is not a problem. The problem is which one to buy. But before you head to the caravan sale shows to grasp one for your own, it very important to first sit back and evaluate a few issues. The following are vital considerations that you should make before laying down your hard-earned dollars for a caravan.

When you get to the caravan sales, you will be amazed by the range of caravan choices you will be presented with. So plan earlier on the following;

  • Do you want pop-top or full-height type of caravan?

Pop-tops as well as their hybrids are smaller than full-height caravans and therefore better on storage. They are also cheaper and easier to tow due to their condensed frontal areas. However, when getting one from the caravan sale of your choice, remember that the roof lifting mechanism differs with each manufacturer. The weight of the mounted solar panels also makes it hard for the roofs to open. Make sure that you have checked this well. Otherwise go for the full-height.

  • Determine the size, the layout and the suspension capacity of your dream caravan;

Get a small one if it is for you and your partner alone. A bigger one will do if you want to cruise with your children and grand children. If you are heading to the rocks and mountains, a caravan with strong suspension systems will serve you right. One for the weekends-only outings need not be as big but a long-term Australia-wide-exploration type should be able to meet all your needs as if you were at home. Get a big one with strong suspensions to carry all the necessary stuff and that will enable you to maneuver the valleys and mountains.

  • Check to confirm that your vehicle has a tug suitable to tow the caravan. Also make sure that your vehicle can handle the load. Get the details of the tare weight of the caravan from the caravan sales representatives.
  • Do you want a new caravan or an old one? Going for the new has its own advantages. You will be able to tailor your van into whatever design fittings you want. Your van will also be covered by warranty. Exciting new colours and styles are other advantages. Buying old caravan is like buying an old house; you spend to take ownership of a dream that was not yours in the first place. However, it will be cheaper, tested and trusted.