4 Tips for Better Car Batteries Maintenance

by Ernest Perez

Car batteries come in different types and models and are mainly designed to meet different needs, such as keeping the car lights on and starting the car. The battery usually has a given lifespan and thus there is need for replacement after the given period of time.

There are times when the car batteries fail thereby affecting the smooth running of your vehicle. Therefore, in order to improve the life span of the battery, the car owner should maintain the car battery in different ways.

Always ensure that battery cables are clean

The cables of your battery are susceptible to corrosion and therefore it is important to keep them clean. This is by use of a brush which should be non metallic and distilled water. When doing this it is important to disconnect the cables starting with the negative terminal followed by the positive one. Always ensure the surface of your battery, especially the top, is dry from grease and oil spillage.

Regularly add water to the battery when needed

Your battery will need water from time to time and therefore it is important to refill it using clean and distilled water. Always ensure that you don't overly fill the battery cells. It is also important to check for default on your battery such as cracking and in case you find one, the battery should be replaced. The water acid mixture of your battery should also be strictly up to the required limit.

Have your battery charged at all times

With time, batteries may go flat because of undercharging and this therefore poses a serious threat to the lifespan of your battery. This is also the case for batteries which are under-used. It is therefore important to keep checking the charge of your battery and always ensure that the battery is fully charged in order to increase the lifespan.

Be cautious when replacing your car batteries

One should take precautionary measures when replacing the old batteries with a new one. This is because the batteries are dangerous since they contain acid. Carefully disconnect the cables and lift the battery out of its place. Put the new battery in place and connect the terminals starting with the positive one followed by the negative. A key thing to note is the quality of the battery since high quality batteries have longer life span and are less costly in terms of maintenance.

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