Auto Mechanical Repair Insurance

by Ernest Perez

Auto mechanical repairs whether expected or not can be costly and derail your financial plans. This is so especially for a car owner whose warranty has run out. A car warranty typically covers maintenance and repair costs that are incurred during the warranty period.

Once it expires, one is expected to pay for these costs from their pocket. There is a better alternative to this, which is obtaining auto mechanical repair insurance:

What is auto mechanical repair insurance?

Auto insurance covers such as third party and comprehensive insurance among others cover one's vehicle in the event of a collision, vandalism, theft and natural disaster among other qualifying incidences. However, auto repair insurance covers for the natural wear and tear, mechanical failure or breakdown that is not caused by an accident.

Cars break down and experience mechanical failure without any direct reason. Auto repairs insurance covers any cost incurred in such auto mechanical repairs, saving you the headache of chucking huge amounts of money for repairs.

When to purchase auto repair insurance

Any driver can purchase auto repair insurance at any time after expiry of the car's warranty. Most vehicle warranties run out after three or four years. New cars barely have breakdowns or mechanical issues which mean the warranty could end up being used for just car service that is done twice or thrice a year.  Drivers have the option of renewing their car's warranty, paying for auto repairs or purchasing auto repairs insurance cover.

Getting an auto repair insurer

There are many companies that offer auto repair insurance covers for drivers. Auto repair covers can be broadly categorized into two: standard repair insurance and breakdown coverage.

  • A standard repair cover generally covers the wear and tear on your car as well as breakdowns. It includes and is not limited to the engine, transmission, exhaust, breaks and electric components.
  • A breakdown cover will cover repairs that only relate to breakable parts of the automobile. A standard cover is therefore more expensive than a breakdown cover.

You can approach your auto insurer for auto repair insurance. Chances of getting a good quote are high especially if you have not been making claims on your regular car insurance. Before purchasing insurance, pay attention to the fine print. This means hidden fees, penalties and limited coverage.

Check for any limits in the policy that could require you to pay from your pocket. If your regular auto insurer doesn't suit you, you can shop around for a better quote and cheaper premiums from other auto repair insurers.

Auto mechanical repair insurance provides a way out in case of mechanical breakdown to your vehicle that requires huge sums of money for repairs. Even though you will be required to pay premiums, the cost of auto repairs could be a great burden without a warranty or insurance.