Proper Process of checking all of the Fluids under the Hood for Truck Repairs

by Ernest Perez

Truck repairs are like car repairs, there are a lot of different categories to them because there are so many different things that can happen such as with the body of the vehicle, the tires, the engine, under the hood, buttons, windows, and so much, much more. Below is information on properly lifting the hood on your own, checking all that you need to check and then replacing the hood safely:

Step One:

Look for the release button for the hood, press it and open the hood up. Older models of trucks are hard to work with; newer models usually have the hood release button on the inside of the vehicle. You can easily spot it by looking for the word "hood" or for an image of the vehicle with the hood popped open. The hood is popped open when you hear a clicking sound, it will only pop up a little bit and you will have to open it the rest of the way by using your hand.

Step Two:

While you have one hand raising the hood up the rest of the way you need to take your other hand and look for what is known as the safety catch located between the grill and the hood. Find it and release it, this is what you will use to prop the hood up so you can safely work and do your maintenance that is needed. The safety catch should be a long and thing piece of metal that is straight yet curved at the end that goes into the hood to keep it up.

Step Three:

After you have properly secured the hood up you can then begin checking all of your fluids and doing anything else you may need to do. Checking the fluid levels should be something that is done at least once a month or so; this does not mean that you will need to fill everything up or replace the filters this often. The fluids you need to constantly check include the oil, the transmission fluid, the coolant and the windshield wiper fluid. At the same time you check all of these fluids you should also check all of the accessory belts.

Step Four:

When you are done with filling everything up and fixing all that you need to do with the truck repairs, you can wipe it all down if you made a mess and then safely close the hood. Simply release  the safety catch by lifting up and pushing back a bit and lay it back down where it goes with the one hand and with the other hand slowly drop the hood down and press on it with both hands until you hear it click. The click means the hood is back in place. 

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