Illegal Parking: 3 Risky City Parking Circumstances That Can Get Your Car Towed Away

by Ernest Perez

Every city requires traffic to move smoothly without any obstructions, so that all road users have proper access to roads. But ever so often, an illegally parked car can turn this orderly functioning into chaos as it is in an area that will restrict free vehicle movement. In this case, towing is necessary to restore order on the roads. Here are some risky parking circumstances in Australian cities that will get your car towed away.

Clearways: Clearways are signed areas that prevent vehicles from parking in certain locations during specific hours. They are considered important when it comes to improving the flow of traffic, especially on congested roads during peak traffic hours. Even a single vehicle parked in a clearway zone can cause traffic congestion.

Clearway zones are usually marked with a large C and even if you feign ignorance with the authorities, you will not be able to prevent the towing of your car. So look out for this sign before parking your car in any business district in any city across Australia.  

Obstructing Access Ways: If a car is parked in an area that obstructs the access way for other vehicles, it will risk towing. You may be issued with an infringement notice if the authorities are able to locate you. But if not, your car will get towed as soon as the towing service arrives.

You will need to visit the towing service impound storage area and pay the fine to get your car back. The towing fines vary in each Australian state. For example, towing release fees in Queensland start at $305, while towing release fees in Victoria start at $334.

Unregistered Vehicles: If your car has been parked on the street and it is found to be unregistered, the authorities will call in a towing service to impound the vehicle. The authorities may try to open communication with the last known owner before disposing the vehicle. If your car is unregistered and impounded by the towing service, make sure you rectify this problem as soon as you can with your local traffic authorities.

Exceptional Circumstances

Certain exceptions may apply if you have parked your car in a violation zone. Exceptional circumstances may prevent a person from legally parking their vehicle in a designated parking area. For example, vehicle breakdown or medical emergencies fall into the exceptional circumstances category, provided you have supporting documentation like hospital bills or mechanic bills to prove your situation. In this instance, your impound release fee will be refunded to you.

Be careful when parking your car to avoid the hassle of dealing with the towing service and paying high impound release fees.