When Car Towing is a Safer Option Than Driving, Even a Short Distance

by Ernest Perez

Very often when a car owner knows that their car needs repair, they may try to risk driving it the distance to a repair shop even if the work it needs is very extensive. However, this can be very dangerous in some circumstances, and having your car towed can be a better option. It may even save you money on more expensive repair jobs. Note when having your car towed is the better choice than driving your car to a shop.

1. When the brakes are acting up in any way

Being able to apply your brakes doesn't mean your car is safe on the road if you know that they're acting up in any way. Certain problems can mean that your brakes may fail or lock up while driving. For example, if your brakes are soft or don't grip as tightly as they should, this can mean that your car is leaking brake fluid. This can leak out entirely while driving, and your brakes won't work at all.

Brakes that grip too tightly or that continue to grip after you release the pedal can mean a failing caliper; this is like a little clip that pushes the brake pads against the rotors, stopping your car. These too can easily fail while you're driving and the brakes may seize up or stop working. Squeaking or grinding sounds can mean pads that are slipping out of place. If they come out of place completely, your brakes will fail. To avoid any of these happening while you're driving, call to have your car towed to a nearby repair shop.

2. A tire is flat or there is a bulge out one side of the tire

Flat tires are not just inconvenient; they're very dangerous to you and to your car. Brakes cannot grip a flat tire so that instead of stopping, your car may actually slide around the road. It's also difficult to steer a car with a flat tire. The air in the tires also cushions your car from bumps and potholes, and when one is flat, you may risk breaking an axle or bending a tire's rim. These are very expensive repairs.

A bulge in a tire means that the rubber is soft and may blow out, which is very dangerous when driving. Rather than risk this, call for a tow truck. Remember that the driver can assist you with changing your tire if you have a spare but don't have a jack or don't know how to change the tire yourself. For more information, contact Dickies.