A Detailed Look At Car Towing Insurance Coverage

by Ernest Perez

Often following an accident, the car suffers bad damage and becomes impractical to drive and ought to be towed away. If you decide to leave it behind, local law enforcement agencies would perhaps have it towed to the nearby impound lot. Securing the car out of seizure would cost rather a bit more compared to just having it towed. Or maybe, you may wake up to a vehicle that won't run, so you need assistance with towing it to the nearest local auto garage. All the above mentioned scenarios would demand the use of car towing services. However, if you don't have towing coverage, you will have to dip into your pocket to offset the towing expenses. In such cases, towing auto coverage may come in handy.

What is towing car coverage?

Towing insurance, which may also encompass roadside assistance, is simply a non-compulsory add-on to your auto coverage that would cover the costs of having your vehicle towed in case it is unable to move. This type of coverage seeks to protect you from having to cater for the expenses of towing emergencies from your own pocket.

What is covered under towing auto coverage?

Whatever the reason for needing a towing service whether a dead battery or a collision scenario, towing auto insurance pays for the expense of requiring a tow service. When pooled with road side assistance, issues like car lock outs, dead battery or running out of gas would also be paid for.

Towing auto insurance can work in two ways. Either the insurance firm chooses a towing company to tow the car or the auto insurance firm reimburses you the expenses you have incurred for having your car towed.

Must you have towing insurance?

No, it is not mandatory for any car owner to purchase towing auto insurance coverage. As earlier stated, it is basically an optional insurance add-on meant for vehicle owners worried about the unexpected, emergency expenses related with the need to have their cars towed. You can contact your auto insurance company and inquire whether you are eligible for towing assistance under one of your policy packages. In most cases, comprehensive insurance policies include towing assistance automatically.

Bear in mind that this coverage is for emergency circumstances only. If you earn a relatively low income, the need to pay for towing assistance out of your pocket can be a major setback. It makes perfect sense to pay a monthly sum to your insurance provider to avoid such a scenario. However, if you earn a handsome amount, buying this type of coverage may be more detrimental than worth to your insurance premiums. Given that using the towing service may potentially soar up your monthly coverage premiums, it makes perfect sense to cover the towing expenses on your own or hire private towing services.

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