8 Off-Road 4x4 Accessories You Shouldn't Leave Your Garage Without

by Ernest Perez

Since the appearance of the first modern 4x4s, off-road driving has only been increasing in popularity. This popularity increase has led to many innovations within the sport, most taking the form of convenient accessories. Whether you're going four-wheel driving to camp to fish, or to thrill seek, keep in mind there are some 4x4 accessories that most experienced off-road drivers wouldn't think of going without. Why not learn from their experience?

The Tyre Deflater With Built-in Air Pressure Gauge

Long gone are the days of deflating your tyres with a key, before checking their pressure with a firm thumb. Most modern tyre deflaters come with a built-in pressure gauge, allowing you to perfect your tyres' PSI for the upcoming off-road environment.

The Air Compressor

No more do four-wheel drivers need to search far and wide for a fuel station with an air compressor. Portable air compressors are now smaller and powerful than ever, and can easily be attached to your car's battery, or to an auxiliary battery.

The Auxiliary Battery Kit

Why drain your car's main battery using conveniences, when you can use a backup instead? Auxiliary battery systems allow you to power your accessories without unnecessary risk. They also serve as a backup, in case of failure of your primary battery. Most auxiliary battery kits also come with back-up wiring and protective trays, to prevent damage while in storage.

The Snorkel

Dust or water ingestion can seriously damage your engine; using a snorkel is a great way to avoid these problems. Through their relocation of an engine's source of air, snorkels have gained extreme popularity in the 4x4 community. Not only are modern snorkels incredibly hardy and nearing perfection, they are also now designed to please aesthetically.

The Bull Bar

As one of the very few 4x4 accessories which surpass snorkels in the market, the bull bar is beyond a must-have. Shrubs? Small trees? Clumsy fauna? Almost all potential head-on damage is diverted by the steel of a modern bull bar.

Additional Lighting

When you're four-wheel driving within the depths of the wild, sticking with only two headlights could be a bad decision. If driving nocturnally or in foggy weather, an addition to your standard vehicle lighting will increase both your field of view and your visibility range significantly, greatly decreasing your chances of receiving damage from the unseen.

The Electric Winch

If you or a friend ends up with a bogged vehicle, not much can beat the retrieval ability of an electric winch. With such high versatility, strength and reliability, the modern winch can get your 4x4 rolling out of a situation which could have potentially left you calling for help.

The 4WD Suspension Lift

A lifted 4WD suspension system isn't completely necessary, but will definitely open up a lot more options when it comes to track choices. A raised suspension will help your 4x4 stay well above the floor, and away from uneven ground. There are many different ways to lift your suspension, and many of these rely greatly on your vehicle's model. Generally, a large variety of suspension-raising kits are available at garages, which you can get installed for a reasonable price. For more information, contact a company like GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes.

With these accessories installed onto your average, stock-standard 4x4, you'll have a machine prepared for some of the harshest of trails. Not only will you become master of the off-road, you'll also look like a professional doing so.