4 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Caravan Fridge Working Optimally

by Ernest Perez

A refrigerator in a caravan or trailer of any sort needs regular maintenance and care to ensure it works optimally and doesn't fail on you right when you're on the road. Because these fridges are smaller and more compact they may actually work harder than your fridge at home, which is why you want to know how to take care of them properly. Consider a few tips in this regard.

1. Cool your food before placing it in the fridge

When you're ready to pack your fridge for a road trip, be sure you cool your food in your refrigerator at home or only buy food and drinks that are already cool before placing them in your caravan fridge. This will keep it from having to work harder to keep the inside temperature cool, as the minute you place lukewarm foods and drinks into your caravan fridge they warm up that internal space. Your fridge will then need to work harder to keep the space cooler.

2. Add a fan below the condenser of your fridge

The condenser at the bottom or back of your caravan fridge helps to keep it cool. When it's very warm outside or in the trailer, this condenser works harder and may get warm. To keep it cool and to keep it from overheating, place a small fan in the area to pull heat away from the fridge and the condenser coil. This will help to preserve the life of that coil and also help your fridge to stay cooler on the inside.

3. Make sure the air vents are clear

When you pack for a road trip you may want to use every available space in your trailer but avoid the temptation of placing items in the back of fridge or anywhere over the air vents. If you do, your caravan fridge is likely to overheat and need to work harder to stay cool. It can also easily burn out and you would need to replace the condenser coil or the motor.

4. Cover it with an insulator

If your caravan fridge is not built into a wall you may want to consider covering it with an insulator, especially on the hottest of days of the year or if you're parked in an area where the fridge is in direct sunlight. There are special batting materials made for caravan fridges that help to protect it and keep the coolant inside and the heat outside. Invest in this material to protect your fridge and keep it working optimally even on the warmest of days.

Learn more about maintaining or repairing your caravan fridge by talking to services such as Caravan Services (C.R.S).