How To Clean Your Car With Only Household Ingredients

by Ernest Perez

Have you ever felt ripped off after visiting a car garage and exiting with all kinds of car cleaning products that you are not convinced you really need? Well, your instinct was right. You absolutely don't need expensive store bought car cleaning products to give the body of a car a perfect shine, to make your windscreen bug free and to ensure that your car tires are beautifully clean. In fact, it is possible to make your vehicle look as good as new with ingredients that you might have lying around the house. With the following tips and tricks, you'll be able to save cash, protect the environment with non-chemical products, and ensure your car is something to look at for all the right reasons.

Use cola on your windscreen. If you think that cola's only purpose is to make your teeth rot, think again. Soak a rag in some cola, wipe it across your windscreen, and insects, dirt, and grime will be totally removed. Cola is a great cleaning agent for glass because it contains citric acid. Have you ever noticed that window and glass cleaners are often citrus scented? This is because citric acid is a powerful ingredient for glass cleaning. For more information on cleaning windscreens, contact a company like Instant Windscreens.

Create a shiny exterior with hair conditioner. There is nothing quite like emerging from your driveway with a newly buffed and polished car. You might think that you need to spend money on specialist car wax to get the shiny finish you desire, but actually you can use hair conditioner and create a beautiful shine too. Apply the hair conditioner with a rag, leave it on the paintwork for five minutes, and then rinse it off completely.

Clean hubcaps with baking soda. Dirty hubcaps are a clear giveaway that a person doesn't take care of their vehicle properly. But you needn't be the person with dirty hubcaps because they are easily cleaned with some baking soda. Simply mix one part water with a quarter of baking soda and apply it to the hubcaps with something non-abrasive like a sponge, and then your hubcaps will have a beautiful shine.

Remove upholstery stains with vinegar. The inside of your vehicle is just as important as its exterior appearance, and so you should be sure to remove stains on upholstery as soon as they appear. Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water and spray this on to the stain. When you blot the affected area, the stain should disappear.

Cleaning your windscreens, hubcaps and car upholstery can be easy, cheap and cost effective when you follow these tips.