Different Types Of Car Window Damage And How To Deal With Them

by Ernest Perez

The windows on your car are exposed to a number of damages that may necessitate a replacement or repair. This includes the windscreen, side windows and the rear window. When this damage occurs, it can ruin the appearance and safety of your car. In the case of the windscreen, damage can render your car unsafe to drive. Below, learn about the different types of damage your car windows can experience and the repairs you need to seek.

Chips and cracks

Chips and cracks are common, especially with windscreens. They can be caused by accidents and direct impact hits. Chips and cracks can also be caused by flying debris from the ground or from other vehicles. Cracks and chips will also grow in size if not repaired. This is caused by shocks such as hard breaking, driving off road and driving over bumps. You can get chips and cracks repaired if you seek the service early enough. The technician will clean out the damaged area and fill it with a composite resin material. However, this is only possible for windscreens. For other car windows, a replacement will be required.

Scratches and abrasions

Your car windows can also get damaged through scratches and abrasions. This is where the surface of the glass becomes abrased to a point where it is not clear anymore. It is caused by dirt, cleaning using rough cloths or scratching using hard objects such as keys. This type of window damage will ruin outside visibility when inside the car. If it occurs on the windscreen, it will hamper safe driving. Scratches and abrasions on a car window can be repaired through glass polishing. You can get this service from a window repair center or a car detailing shop. However, if the damage is too extensive, you may have to repair the affected car window.

Loose mould

The mould is the rubbery part that holds your car window panes in place. They can be found on the windscreen and on rear windows. The mold can get loose over time due to factors such as age, wear or poor installation. When the window mould loosens, your front and rear windows are at risk of falling off. Luckily, this damage can be repaired by applying adhesive or replacing the mould.

Shattered car window

The worst damage that can occur to your car windows is shattering. This kind of damage can occur if the car has been in an accident, has been vandalized or if smaller cracks have gone unrepaired over a long time. A shattered car window cannot be repaired and has to be replaced completely.

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