Four Driving Courses That Can Increase Your Income

by Ernest Perez

When you think of driving schools, you may think of schools for people with bad driving records or schools to teach new drivers what they need to know. The truth is, there are some driving schools offering courses that can change your career and increase your income. If you are looking for ways to move up in the construction, manufacturing, or warehouse industry, then you should consider the four driving courses that can help you.

Fork Lift Driving          

A common job you will see advertisements for in warehouse work and on construction sites is for fork lift driving. This usually requires some kind of certification or training license that shows you have been through the course and that you are licensed to drive the various types of fork lift machinery. Your course time will vary depending on the type of training you want. Novice and advanced training courses are the most common with some combination courses available as well. These can last two days or two weeks.

 Heavy Vehicle Driving

Heavy vehicle operation covers everything from heavy equipment on construction and building sites to long haul semi-truck driving. As with fork lift positions, having a heavy vehicle license can increase your status with your current company and allow you to apply for higher paying positions that are often left unfilled or that may be available in your area. These courses can take up to two weeks depending on the type of training you are looking for and if a license or certificate is part of the training program.

CDL Driving

CDL driving is the type of driving course you would take if you want to drive semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, and similar transport vehicles. These jobs are available all over the world and can give you a sizeable income depending on the company and type of haul you are able to carry. If you choose this type of driving school, you can start with a basic driving course and work your way up to add-on certifications like flatbed and reefer truck driving.

Hazardous Waste Driving

One driving school that generally offers stand alone driving courses is a hazardous waste driving school. They will train you on how to handle transportation of hazardous waste, like medical or radioactive chemicals. They can also certify you in handling, transportation, and related contact skills to these types  of hauls. This type of certification requires that you already have a CDL license or heavy vehicle license.

If you are looking for a way to increase your income in the construction or driving fields, consider one of these driving school options today. If you are ready to enrol, contact a school, such as Mitcham Driving School.